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Underneath you’ll find some of our recommended boat tour perfect for couples, families or small groups. Starting from Salò or wherever you prefer, we’ll show you enchanting places such as the Garda Island, the Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island), or some of our lake’s pearls, such as Sirmione, Desenzano, Lazise, and Bardolino. You’ll have the chance to discover places such as the town of Gardone Riviera, Garda, Punta san Vigilio, and the lovely Torri of Benaco… Just ask and we’ll take you there!

Please note we can personalize our tours according to your desires.


Itinerario S

"Itinerary S" – Trip time 30min - Tour of the Gulf of Salò

We will leave from Salò and you will have the chance to admire this historical place from the privileged position of the lake. We will reach the recent port called Canottieri Garda, Porto Sirena, the beach of Ancient Shores (Antiche rive). We will sail in front of the monumental cemetery (ex leper hospital) designed by Rodolfo Vantini, and then reach Villa Portesina. From here we will turn to the opposite side of the gulf and reach the Dome of Santa Maria Annunziata built in 1453 and then go back to our pier.

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Itinerario 1

"Itinerary 1" – Trip time 1 h Garda Island Tour (Isola del Garda)

We will leave from Salò, sail out through the Gulf in direction Porto Portese, a nice fishermen’s village of our recent past. We will brush by Capo Corno, which divides the Gulf of Salò from the splendid and coloured Wind Bay (Baia del vento). We will then reach Garda Island (Isola del Garda), an enchanting and unique place, that we will circumnavigate to then go to Salò passing through Barbarano. In Barbarano we will see Palazzo Terzi Martinengo, built in 1556, historical location of the personal and political secretary of Benito Mussolini and headquarter of the armed forces of the Italian Social Republic.

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Itinerario 2

"Itinerary 2" – Trip time 1h15 Tour of Garda island (Isola del Garda) and Gardone Riviera

This tour is composed of itinerary 1 plus the navigation through the renowned small town of Gardone Riviera. From the beautiful perspective of the lake you will see the luxurious Villa Fiordaliso and San Marco Tower. From this plac, where there is a beautiful sight on the lake, they say Claretta Petacci and the Duce met secretly. In the distance we will see the Vittoriale Gabriele D’Annunzio and its park. Last but not least, we will sail in front of the Grand Hotel, the first four star hotel of the lake that hosted Sir Winston Churchill in 1949. A real jewel of architecture of other times.

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Itinerario 3

"Itinerary 3" – Trip time 2 h Tour of the two Isles and more …

During this tour we will sail close to the main Isles of the lake: Garda Island and San Biagio Island (better known as Bunnies Island). We will pass in front of Wind Bay (Baia del Vento) and of the coloured Green Bay (Baia Verde) to reach the beach called “Romantica” near to Manerba del Garda. During this tour we will be pleased to stop for a relaxing bath in the lake. This itinerary is perfect for those who love relax.

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Itinerario 4

"Itinerary 4" – Trip time 3 - 4 h Tour of Sirmione village

During this tour we will sail towards the pearl of the lake: the village of Sirmione. We will stop for a visit of the city and then sail again around the peninsula, including the thermal center Acquaria, Maria Callas’ Villa and the ruins of the biggest roman villa in the north of Italy called Catullo’s grottos (grotte di Catullo). Before going back to Salò we will see the panoramic Scaligero Castle.

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Itinerario 5

"Itinerary 5" – Trip time 3 or 4 hours Tour of Garda and Punta San Vigilio

After reaching the fascinating Garda Island, we will cross the lake to East and reach the beautiful Punta San Vigilio. You will admire Villa Canossa, theatre of the unlucky love story between the writer Gabriele D’ Annunzio and the Marchioness Rudinì. We will then go ashore in Garda for a short visit of the city. During our return trip we will see Mermaids Bay (Baia delle Sirene) where there is one of the most famous beaches of the lake. We might stop for lunch.

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Itinerario 6

"Itinerary 6" – Trip time 3 to 4 hours Tour of Middle Lake  Gargnano (Villa Feltrinelli) Torri del Benaco Isola del Garda

We will sail in direction Gardone Riviera and Fasano, and then continue to north along the west side of the lake, brushing by the villages of Maderno and sailing along the coast of Gargnano with its famous lemon plantations. You will see Villa Bettoni and its gardens and the important Villa Feltrinelli facing the lake. Villa Feltrinelli was once the house of Benito Mussolini and now is a luxurious resort. We will cross the lake to its east side and reach the Benaco Towers, Mermaids Bay and Punta San Vigilio. While returning to Salò we will pass in front of Garda Island.

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Itinerario 7

"Itinerary 7" – Trip time 5 to 6 hours Tour of Lower Lake

We will sail from Salò and will brush all the main beauties of the lower lake. We will start from Isola del Garda and sail southwards to Sirmione, where we will stop for a quick tour of the village. then we will proceed to the east lakeside to Lazise, Bardolino, Garda and the enchanting Punta San Vigilio. You will decide where to spend your time ... always in the maximum comfort and relax!

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