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Are you choosing where to spend your holidays on Lake Garda? Why not Riviera dei Limoni?

It’s time to start planning your holidays! If you’re thinking about Lake Garda, choosing the town and the location you’d be staying at, can be very difficult given the numerous possibilities and offers you may find... especially if you do not live here.

You may have heard of or read about the usually known cities and towns, such as Desenzano, Sirmione, Lazise, and Bardolino. These places are certainly beautiful but just because they are the most mentioned, does not mean that other less known places are any less pretty and worth any less.

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Manerba: its beaches and surroundings

Among the natural beauties of Manerba we ought to remember the numerous beaches that for almost 12 kilometers offer us an amazing variety of paths always with new views of the lake, the mountains, and the grassy fields.

The biggest and most famous beach in Manerba is the Romantica beach. It starts from the Torchio dock and ends by the border with San Felice. It was the first beach to ever be used by tourists in the 1950’s. In the immediate vicinities you can find bars, restaurants, and shops. The path has been rendered more precious by a simple but functional lake promenade named after Maurizio Olivari, a mourned young artist from Manerba. This promenade is calm and perfect for families: on one side is the beautiful blue lake, on the other are the bright green fields and some camp sites. The beach is beautiful even in autumn and in spring due to its exposure to the east and it is kissed by the sun all day long.

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Visit the shortest river in the world!

Fiume Aril

It’s located in Italy, flowing into Lake Garda, and you can discover it with our boat excursion! As is well known, Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake at 370 km², with many beautiful towns and villages, and many interesting distinctions. One little known but very special place can be found in the village of Cassone, a quaint little village near the town of Malcesine on the Verona banks of lake Garda. Cassone has a unique distinction: it is home to the Aril River, the shortest river in the world!






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Tour of the peninsula of Sirmione

Sirmione Peninsula with Beeboatservice

The name Sirmione comes from "syrma" that means "tail" or "train". It is located on a narrow, 4 km long peninsula, on the south of Lake Garda. It’s natural beauty has been admired and renowned since ancient times. Some of the stories Sirmione has to tell come from it’s archaeological findings in the numerous lake dwellings, the impressive ruins at "the Grottos of Catullus", and the Scaligero Fortress. Eminent poets and famous artists have experienced and told the beauty of Sirmione. Today Sirmione is one of the Lake Garda's most important tourist attraction and has a considerable number of high quality hotels for even the most demanding clientele.



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Garda History

Torre di San Marco

Lake of Garda, the most Mediterranean of the Alpine Italian lakes, shows itself in its wonderful surrounding of natural luminosity and colours: a unique holiday spot, in all seasons.
Its shores, studded with villages and small towns, add the charm of a built up landscape to the beauty of its rich natural environment, and the spell of ancient findings of Roman settlements, medieval fortresses, imposing buildings and noble villas.
With its Romanesque parish churches, its Baroque-style churches and its sanctuaries, with its monasteries and hermitages, lake Garda shows all the different aspects of its personality, even as an incomparable spiritual place.



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